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We are constantly striving for improvement. And that is why constantly on the lookout for perfect additions to green cleaning with the Thermostar dry steam system. We always have the highest demands with regard to the quality, workmanship and sustainability of the products. Only absolutely first-class inventions, without any chemical additives, can be found in our range. Here, you can find out which innovations can take the cleaning experience with Thermostar to an even higher level. Just ask your Thermostar consultant about it!


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HB Solution

Safe disinfection on a natural basis

Bacteria and viruses are spreading more and more around the world due to global networking. Hygiene has become more than just merely removing dust and dirt!
The HB Solution is our solution for perfect hygiene in homes and businesses. Thanks to thorough cleaning with micro-dry steam, surfaces are optimally cleaned and prepared. Thanks to the specially developed HS Blaster, your heat cleaner becomes a disinfectant nebuliser with a flick of the wrist, which makes optimal use of the high steam pressure.
HB Solution contains no dangerous ingredients for humans and animals, is free of additives and allergens and is therefore biologically and toxicologically completely harmless.

PRO Seal

The perfect protection to stop dirt from sticking

No doubt you’re familiar with this scenario: just as you’ve finished cleaning your home, there are already areas where you can see dust, streaks, or limescale or grease residues. You’ve learned to live with it, but it doesn’t have to be this way!
With our new, revolutionary PRO Seal surface protector, your home will keep that freshly cleaned look for days. And the best thing part: regular use will make your next clean effortless! And, of course, just like you’ve come to expect from us, PRO Seal works without any toxic chemical additives!
PRO Seal is the perfect surface protector for any surface. It effectively cleans the surface deep down using natural, environmentally friendly silicon and significantly prevents the new build-up of dirt and impurities.


2-in-1 microfibre cloths with copper molecules

Our unique micro-dry steam technology meets the innovative microfibre cleaning wipes. Wipe&Clean wipes are enriched with tiny copper pigments through a patented process. When combined with steam or water, the copper pigments release ions, inactivating bacteria and absorbing viruses.
In this way, you extend the high cleaning performance of micro dry steam even more: With Wipe&Clean, it’s not just the dissolved dirt that’s removed, but also up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses! Compared to conventional wipes, the risk of infection, the spread of germs and the unpleasant odours are significantly reduced, too.


The fourth pillar of sustainable hygiene

100% pure essential oils – processed with the highest quality in Austria – are mixed into perfectly coordinated fragrances. Backed by a total love of detail and over 40 years of experience in aromatherapy and the effects of essential oils on our body. All Naturesse oils are unique and are mixed exclusively for Thermostar. Special attention is paid to the fine interplay between an extraordinary fragrance experience and a holistic effect.
In addition to cleaning, disinfecting and sealing with Thermostar, all without harmful chemicals, we have now come full circle with Naturesse. Holistic aromatherapy meets the unmatched air-purifying effect of Thermostar dry steam technology: sustainable hygiene for soul and spirit with Thermostar Naturesse.

Bring nature into your home

With the Thermostar vaporiser and Naturesse, you can experience the power of nature within your own four walls. With regular use, you will notice how much cleaner and fresher the air is, and the amount of fine dust in the home is also reduced. You can breathe more freely, and the essential oils improve your health at the same time!


Inspired by the Japanese healing method of “Shinrin Yoku” forest bathing, we have created our FOREST signature fragrance. Shinrin Yoku was developed by scientists and doctors in the fight against modern, stress-related diseases of civilisation such as depression, high blood pressure and burnout. Above all, it means shifting down a gear and relaxing. Where better to do that than in the untouched nature of our forests?

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