The story of a great invention

The vision

The story of the Thermostar brand began when Peter Bertagnoll met Giuliano and Giuseppe Franchini in the early 1980s. Peter Bertagnoll – already a successful visionary with a big name in direct sales across Europe – immediately recognised the potential the unique dry steam technology had to revolutionise cleaning. The Franchini brothers – true masters of their craft and pioneers in dry steam technology – accepted the challenge and in 1989 the first dry steam cleaner was developed from this cooperation. Small and manageable for every household, yet extremely powerful thanks to high-quality micro dry steam.

The Thermostar brand: a revolution in traditional cleaning

The inception of the Thermostar brand in 2009 made the vision a reality and soon after hundreds of retailers worldwide were selling the smallest, strongest and fastest thermal cleaner in its class – the Thermostar.
More than 30 years after the first series of this great product, 100,000 satisfied customers testify that this forward-looking development of cleaning with only water and heat can no longer be stopped. The global dealer network around the world is steadily growing and has experts with many years of experience for the manifold requirements in the area of hygiene and cleanliness.


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Also strong in the commerce and industry segment  

When Fritz Pattis, with decades of experience in the area of commercial cleaning, shared Peter Bertagnoll’s vision, a completely new momentum was created. With incredible dedication and passion, he optimised the Thermostar for commercial use and in 2018 a new strong brand emerged: since then, Medicleantec has become an indispensable part of modern commercial cleaning and the green cleaning concept proves that sustainable cleaning not only protects the environment, but also allows companies to save a lot of money.



Our awards

Since we started in the 1980s, we have attached great importance to quality and functionality, and it is in our genes to steadily evolve and improve. Numerous certifications and test reports confirm this commitment:
  • TÜV/GS stands for the highest technical standard of all our models.


  • Testlabor has given us a “very good” rating in the steam cleaner category.


  • ZPmed confirms that our products have a preventive medical effect as a health product.


  • The German Federal Association of Food Inspectors recommends the use of Medicleantec for cleaning all food areas.


  • The Clean Controlling Medical institute has carried out successful tests with Medicleantec. These prove that this technology is highly suitable for cleaning in medical areas.

Protection for the environment and health

The topic of sustainability is particularly important to us. We take responsibility for the preservation of nature because the future belongs to our children. You only buy our products once – for a lifetime. The way the models are manufactured makes it possible to replace individual components, if and where necessary. This saves money and protects the environment. With our dry steam technology, we not only protect the environment, but also the health of our customers and their families.

  • Free of chemicals

    No toxic residues
    on skin, lungs or
    mucous membranes

  • Environmentally friendly

    No toxic wastewater

  • Health-promoting

    No multidrug-resistant germs

  • Resource-efficient

    Less water consumption

  • Waste-preventive

    No disposable products
    and no plastic waste

Green cleaning with Thermostar is based on four strong pillars:

100% cleanliness

Hygienic cleaning deep down with pure tap water and strong heat. Due to the enormously high temperature inside the boiler, great pressure and thus the finest dry micro steam is created, which removes dirt and germs from the pores of all surfaces and leaves no chemical residues.

100% disinfection

With the water-based disinfection HB Solution, we follow nature’s example and kill or neutralise bacteria and viruses without any danger to humans or animals.

100% protection

After cleaning deep down, we protect the surfaces with a layer of pure silicon using ProSeal. This layer of “liquid glass” protects against renewed contamination and facilitates cleaning for the coming months.

100% well-being

Due to cleaning without chemicals, you get an incomparably pure and healthy indoor climate. This effect can be enhanced by unique high-quality mixtures of pure essential oils in our evaporator. Treat yourself to hygiene for mind and soul with Naturesse.

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