Our micro-dry steam products

The Thermostar system combines top quality with decades of experience in the area of thermal cleaning. Thanks to this unique technology, the Thermostar heats pure water so strongly that saturated dry steam and high steam pressure are created, with which you can clean all surfaces and textiles gently and deep down. Not only will your home become clean and hygienic in no time, but it will also stay free of chemical residues! Your health and the environment will thank you for it.

Thermostar dry steam cleaner model Avantgarde blue handle

Avantgarde S4

The Avantgarde S4 model is the perfect starting point into the world of thermal cleaning. 6 bar pressure and approx. 160°C in the boiler provide you with sufficient power for basic cleaning tasks in your home.

Whether cleaning windows, floors or carpets, easy dusting or simply defrosting your fridge. With the Avantgarde model you can enjoy a completely new feeling of cleanliness in your own home – without chemicals and toxic residues!
The standard accessory pack has everything you need to get started with your new professional cleaning equipment right away.

Thermostar dry steam cleaner model Professional grey handle

Professional S4

With the Professional S4 model, you have found the most reliable companion for your ongoing cleaning tasks. With 8 bar pressure and a boiler temperature of over 170°C you will always have sufficient power in all circumstances.

Everyday room hygiene is easily carried out without wasting time, and if there are stubborn residues, basic cleaning is due or heavy dirt has to be removed, this poses no problem for the Professional.
An extended accessory set lends you a hand in all situations; your Thermostar dealer will be happy to advise you on how to correctly use the various parts at any time. Or you can use our Thermostar APP – just download it on our website!

Thermostar dry steam cleaner model Professional Plus red handle

Professional Plus S4

The most powerful Thermostar of all time ensures perfect hygiene on all surfaces. With 9 bar pressure and over 180°C in the boiler, the Professional Plus S4 model removes 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses if and when used correctly. Mould, mites and germs have no more chance when cleaning with the virus killer!

We achieve all this only with heat and water – this minimises the concentration of allergens, fine dust and toxic residues. This is especially beneficial for sensitive skin and weak airways.
And if you really want to be on the safe side: with the right accessories, you can easily disinfect the cleaned surfaces as well. Ask your Thermostar dealer for the special Thermostar disinfection solution HB Solution!

Would you like to use the modern way of perfect hygiene for your company?
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Extensive accessories

All Thermostar models have an extensive accessory package. You can start right away and let your home become sparklingly clean in no time at all. All you need is tap water and our proven microfibre cloths. These are extremely absorbent and can absorb a maximum of dirt with their special loop structure.

For special areas and applications, your Thermostar dealer will be happy to advise you in detail on our extended range of accessories.


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Service and warranty

Advice and service are very important to us

Our products offer outstanding quality and therefore have a long service life. No wonder, with this level of workmanship! If and where necessary, individual components can also be replaced. This allows you to enjoy your Thermostar for a lifetime, because we guarantee the availability of all spare parts.

Our experts keep in touch with our customers even after the purchase to inform you about service intervals that are due!

3-year warranty

Your Thermostar comes with a three-year guarantee from us.
This means that we exchange components that may not be functioning properly free of charge. Exceptions are, of course, mechanical damage caused by any incorrect handling.

10 years warranty

We even offer a ten-year warranty on the steam boiler in the Thermostar – the centrepiece of dry steam production.
The workmanship in this area is of such high quality that we can guarantee impeccable functionality here.

Lifetime delivery warranty

Our lifetime delivery warranty (30 years) on all spare parts enables the repair of your Thermostar even after many years.
So you can be sure to have a properly functioning product for a lifetime and have a good conscience that you have not purchased a throw-away product.

Thermostar dry steam technology

We have always attached great importance to quality when it comes to production and processing. Our product is 100% Made in Europe and is manufactured in Northern Italy – today as it was 35 years ago. But what makes Thermostar so unique in the global market?

UIn order to produce dry steam (or “dry saturated steam”), the boiler requires very high temperatures of over 160 degrees Celsius. The hotter the water, the finer the water molecules. These very fine molecules rise in the boiler and are used as dry steam for purification. The hotter the steam, the greater the steam pressure you have available when cleaning surfaces deep down.

  • The steam boiler is made of a special stainless steel, which is tested at temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius.


  • The patented heating rod has four times the power of a conventional spiral heater, has a self-descaling function and can be easily replaced.


  • The True Temp technology and electromechanical float ensure evenly dry steam throughout the service life.


  • The two-chamber system allows you to refill water at any time, even at full temperature.


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