Thermostar dry steam cleaner

Excellent quality for environmentally conscious and hygienic cleanliness


Have you ever seriously thought about cleaning your home? No? We have! Because technological progress brings us state-of-the-art communication devices, intelligent coffee machines, smart refrigerators and other products that make our lives easier. But when it comes to cleaning, we still do everything (almost) exactly as we did 50 years ago: we wipe with toxic and corrosive agents that damage our skin, our lungs and also our environment and only distribute germs and bacteria throughout our home. And it gets even worse: the chemical residues of cleaning agents on surfaces cause the dirt to adhere even better, and multidrug-resistant germs form, which permanently damage our health. But it doesn’t have to be that way!


Modern heat cleaners: let the progress finally move in!

The good news is that there is an alternative! Thermostar delivers cleanliness. With the finest micro dry steam, without chemicals and therefore absolutely gentle to the environment. This saves you time and energy and offers countless benefits for your health.


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Love at first steam

The obvious advantages of the Thermostar dry steam system

  • Innovative

    The dawn of a new age
    in terms of hygiene
    and purity 

  • Hygienic

    Germs, bacteria
    and viruses have
    no chance anymore

  • Easy cleaning

    No more tedious,
    time consuming scrubbing
    and wiping 

  • Money-saving

    No more spending money
    on chemical
    cleaning agents 

  • Healthy

    Has a preventive effect as
    a health product
    for you and your family

  • Resource-efficient

    saving of water due to
    extremely dry
    micro steam

  • Environmentally friendly

    Prevention of toxic
    wastewater and huge
    amounts of plastic waste

  • Durable

    Products from Thermostar
    have a
    long service life

Try it out for yourself – you will be immediately convinced and amazed. Because your health and quality of life are our top goal! And: the contribution you make to protecting the environment with Thermostar is the best side effect for our earth and coming generations.


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A fixed connection – for a lifetime…


With our decades of experience in cleaning, we have succeeded in putting together a versatile range of products, which is complemented by practical accessories for every situation in life. Whether it is cleaning large areas or hard-to-reach spots, removing stubborn stains or refreshing upholstered furniture, carpets or mattresses, oiled wood or real leather – there is no material in your home, garage and garden that the Thermostar dry steam cannot clean deep down! And finally, you can finish your surfaces with PROSeal and prevent the new build-up of dirt and impurities by using natural silicon.


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Thermostar offers you enormous ease of cleaning and offers you a wide range of applications thanks to its extensive range of accessories.  

You will soon notice that you will be cleaning many things in your home faster and easier. Be it stubborn stains on carpets, limescale residues on tiles or grease stains on your sofa. With the Thermostar heat cleaner, you can easily remove them. It can be used throughout the household and brings radiant and deep-down cleanliness into your own home. But the dry steam technology is ideally suited not only for homes, but also for cars and bicycles, terraces, stairwells, garden furniture and many other applications.

Are you looking for the best micro dry steam technology
for cleaning your business establishment?

Whether in the hotel industry, catering, schools or kindergartens. Our Medicleantec is also the right companion in the area of medicine. With maximum power and an extensive range of accessories, Medicleantec specialises in meeting the high demands of the trade. Our experts will be happy to advise you on an optimal change to the green cleaning concept for your company.
Save time and money, and get started with green cleaning today!




The smallest, fastest
and strongest in its class

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