Hygiene while you sleep

On average, a person spends about 24 years of their life in bed. And we know from our own experience how important healthy sleep is for us. External disturbing factors, such as too much light or noise, health-related sleeping disorders, but also a bad mattress or a pillow that does not meet our needs, stop us from sleeping well all too often. We can often only do something about it to a limited extent. But the things you can easily avoid with your Thermostar are disease-causing inhabitants in your bed.

Mites and their excretions, as well as other allergens, pile up in our mattresses and bedding. At the latest, when you discover suspicious yellowish stains on the bedding, then it is high time to take action. But even before that, you are advised to remove sweat and dandruff from your mattress regularly and clean it thoroughly again and again.

Hygiene im Schlaf mit Thermostar Matratzen reinigenHygiene im Schlaf mit Thermostar Matratzen reinigen

This is best done through heat


Unlike bedding, with mattresses, you are faced with the challenge that you usually cannot wash or dry-clean them. They are mostly large and heavy, and even turning them around, which is recommended, is often tedious. Nevertheless, mattresses are a breeding ground for germs and dirt. Health hazards in the form of dust, allergens and germs are hidden in exactly the place where you hope to relax and regenerate.

So clean your mattress regularly. It’s worth it! First, remove surface dust and dandruff with a suitable vacuum cleaner, then use your Thermostar device – ideally with the rectangular brush, steam cushion and a clean microfibre cloth. Steam intensively and slowly over the entire mattress, so that the heat of the steam can penetrate as far as possible into the interior of the mattress. Then you should disinfect it with HB Solution and your blaster and remove the last remaining bacteria and germs. We wish you a restful sleep!

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The blaster

With your blaster, you have the right tool for disinfecting and hygienising your entire household. Due to the health crisis of recent years, we have become particularly sensitive to the topic of bacteria and viruses. Fortunately, we are seeing things a lot more calmly again, but in some areas at home, it makes sense to disinfect regularly and remove bad odours.

All you need is your Thermostar device and the HB Solution, which is a safe water-based disinfection product. You simply fill the ready-to-use solution into the accessory part and, with the resulting pressure, your blaster sprays exactly the right dosage onto the surfaces or into the air. Don’t worry, HB Solution does not pose any risks to your health! Whether in the kitchen, with children’s toys, the dog basket, or your mattress. With the blaster, you are always on the safe side.


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Tips from the Thermostar expert

Sleep free of chemicals

In recent years, more and more people have realised how harmful too many chemicals in cleaning appliances is for our body – cleaning makes you sick! This has often made the headlines in magazines. But this should and must not be an invitation to neglect hygiene! Hygiene is essential for our health, especially in the bathroom. Therefore, especially in this sensitive area, always clean without chemicals and only with the best quality of the Thermostar dry steam system. In this way, you will not burden your body during its most important regeneration phase with toxic residues and vapours, but will offer it clean surfaces and air without allergens or germs.

Children’s rooms as a challenge

Children’s rooms offer us a very special challenge. Our little ones do not always have the highest standards of cleanliness. And if you do not want to have to constantly clear up and clean after your child, you are well advised to set a few rules from the outset. But what we also recommend in order to protect the health of children: clean stuffed animals and children’s toys regularly with the steam lance – your child may even like to help and learn how to use the Thermostar device in a playful way. And it does every dolls’ house, construction crane or Lego structure good to be regularly dusted!

Refurbishing curtains

You often have a lot of curtains and throw pillows, bedspreads and other textiles in bedrooms. Things that look nice and offer good visual protection are not always easy and fun to wash and keep clean. Therefore, steam your textiles regularly with the steam lance; dust, pollen and other allergens then collect on the floor and can be easily wiped away. In this way, you maintain a good and healthy indoor climate and prevent unpleasant odours.

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