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Imagine ending a busy day in the bathtub: gentle music, maybe a few candles, a glass of red wine and the warmth of the scented water around you… a very private oasis of well-being, as you would otherwise only see in films. But there are things that have no place here at all: limescale residues, streaks on tiles and mirrors, hair and dirt!

So what do we do to prevent all of this? We make sure that the bathroom is kept clean – with no toxic chemical residues that would attract dust and dirt even more. We clean everything with simple tap water and heat: with the Thermostar dry steam system, nothing stands in the way of your very own private wellness holiday in the bathroom!

Thermostar Hitzereiniger, Generalputz mit Thermostar in der DuschkabineThermostar Hitzereiniger, Generalputz mit Thermostar in der Duschkabine

Cleaning the shower cubicle


The centrepiece of every bathroom is the shower. Used every day – often several times – it has to withstand extreme stress. The main problems are limescale deposits, residues in the joints, or even heavily soiled drains!

This will no longer be a problem for you, because with your Thermostar device, you will be well equipped for all these scenarios. Simply remove unsightly shower gel or hair shampoo residues from between the tiles with the joint brush and clean the drain regularly with your steam lance. The high pressure removes soap residues just as well as long hair that accumulates around the plug strainer.
The shower wall can be cleaned with the triangular brush and a microfibre cloth, either initially or if there is heavy soiling. For ongoing cleaning, evaporation with the lance and final drying with the window cloth are often sufficient.

Streak-free mirrors


You are undoubtedly familiar with this situation: you step in front of the mirror after a hot shower and see nothing at first! The unsightly mist is usually still interspersed with streaks from the last cleaning, and is all in all not very satisfactory and not a nice sight. But why do mirrors fog up in the first place? When cleaning using various window cleaners, you cover the surface with a layer of chemistry that acts like an adhesive for the fine water droplets in the air, so fine mist has a tendency to cling to the mirror.

But this does not have to be the case, because, with the Thermostar device, you can clean the surfaces deep down! Instead of covering the mirror with a layer of chemistry, clear the pores of dirt, dust, and residues. Don’t just take our word for it – try it out: for the first cleaning with the Thermostar device, use the triangular brush with an attached microfibre cloth, apply steam thoroughly to one half of the mirror and then carefully wipe the surface dry with a window cloth. Now apply steam to the mirror again and compare both sides – the result will surprise you!

Glas und Spiegel garantiert schlierenfrei sauber mit Thermostar!Glas und Spiegel garantiert schlierenfrei sauber mit Thermostar!
Thermostar Hitzereiniger für Badezimmer, perfekte SauberkeitThermostar Hitzereiniger für Badezimmer, perfekte Sauberkeit

Hygiene in the toilet


Do you clean your toilet with rubber gloves? Most people do this, not because they find toilets disgusting, but to protect their skin from the toxic cleaning agents that are often used for this. Now imagine what other parts of your body come into contact with these chemicals on the toilet. And what we do to nature by allowing these harmful chemicals to enter the canal directly is often not considered at all!

In the meantime, it has been proven in many cases that the excessive use of cleaning agents is not only bad for one’s own health, but also encourages the formation of multidrug-resistant germs. Therefore, simply use the Thermostar device in the toilet for real hygiene! Up to 180 degrees of hot steam, a hot water function and the right accessories that can penetrate any hidden corner will most certainly kill more bacteria and germs than any aggressive cleaning agent will! And when your toilet is spotless, bad odours will have also suddenly disappeared.

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The drain dome head

The best thing is to clean dirty household drains with the attached drain dome head. Simply connect it directly to the handle of your steam hose and off you go. With its help, you can not only remove stubborn dirt, but get rid of any bad odours by using it regularly.

Due to its bell shape, no steam can escape through the sides, so the concentrated force of heat can directly enter the drain and also fight bacteria and germs there. With their excretions, they often produce nasty odours, so-called biofilms. These can be effectively removed with hot steam and high pressure. In addition, your Thermostar device has a hot water function that has proven its worth, especially when drains are cleaned with the steam bell. Here, the bell shape also serves as a splash guard, so you cannot burn yourself with the hot water!


More accessories

Tips from the Thermostar expert

Small brushes

The small round brushes and the joint brushes are available in different materials. You can easily fix them onto the front of the steam lance and they can reach hard-to-reach places. For heavily calcified shower heads, you can also carefully work on the nozzles directly with the small brass brush, which can remove the calcifications very well. For the foot of fittings, you can also use a joint brush, which removes dirt from even the smallest crevices. For gentle cleaning of very sensitive surfaces, simply wrap a microfibre cloth around the round nylon brush.

Descaling with vinegar essence

As much as we would like it, sometimes heat and water are just not enough. Especially during the first basic cleaning, you may need something stronger in addition. But you have to avoid using aggressive chemicals again, which would be counterproductive! In health food and drug stores, you can get pure vinegar essences (those with 25% concentration are perfect), without having to add cleaning agents. The best thing is to pour these into a spray bottle and then moisten the heavily calcified areas. Leave them to do their work and then apply steam with the Thermostar device and then – as usual – wipe with the microfibre cloth.

Cleaning tiles with the mop attachment

There are also mop attachments available in different sizes as special accessories for the Thermostar device. They are perfect for efficiently removing dirt from large areas. You can not only regularly wipe the bathroom floor with it, but also the wall tiles can be easily cleaned. The attachments are designed in such a way that you can easily reach all corners and angles.

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